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  • Yola
    Walk Through Fire
    The debut album from Yola, establishes her as the queen of country soul from the first note. The Dan Auerbach–produced album is a contemporary twist on a traditional sonic tapestry of orchestral strings, fiddle, steel, and shimmering tremolo guitars. Walk Through Fire is a career-defining and genre-bending release from one of the most exciting emerging British artists in music today. Yola's arresting vocals captivate with sincere tales of heartache and loves lost, forgotten, and broken.
    Exclusive and Limited Bundles Include:
    • Walk Through Fire Vinyl
    • Walk Through Fire T-shirt
    • Walk Through Fire Digital Album

  • The Gibson Brothers
    The Gibson Brothers—siblings Eric and Leigh Gibson—have already made over a dozen albums, but none quite like the new Dan Auerbach–produced Mockingbird. Their newest venture is an effortless blend of classic '70s-infused rock and timeless country, a modern twist on their traditional bluegrass sound, and harmonies that will keep you wishing for more.
    Exclusive and Limited Bundles Include:
    • Mockingbird Signed Test Pressing
    • Mockingbird T-shirt
    • Mockingbird Digital Album

  • Dee White
    Southern Gentleman Side A
    Stripped free of pitch correction and studio trickery, Southern Gentleman is an honest portrayal of a 19 year-old natural. Dee White's songs are classics-in-the-making, inspired by traditional sounds but happily rooted in the 21st century. This isn't a throwback record. Instead, it's a contemporary, ageless album — one that packs just as strong a punch today as it would've 50 years ago.

    Shannon Shaw, of Shannon & the Clams, establishes herself as the queen of smoky, blue-eyed soul with her '60s-inspired debut album, Shannon In Nashville, produced by Dan Auerbach.
    Exclusive and Limited Bundles Include:
    • Shannon In Nashville Vinyl
    • Shannon In Nashville T-shirt
    • Shannon In Nashville Digital Album

  • Chuck Auerbach
    Remember Me
    As Dan Auerbach's father, Chuck Auerbach had been writing music for quite some time, with writing credits on The Black Keys' Thickfreakness and Dan's first solo album, Keep It Hid. and with bands from his native Akron, Ohio, using his lyrics for years, it seemed natural for Chuck to step into the studio and record them, even if it was at a later age than most. And at the age of 68, Auerbach is finally ready to step into the spotlight and share his music with the world, age aside.

    The Oakland-based, indie garage punk quartet Shannon & the Clams, known for a diverse sound that incorporates elements of doo-wop, early rock & roll, classic R&B, garage psych, and surf rock as influences, released its fifth album, Onion, this time working with producer Dan Auerbach and Easy Eye Sound.
    Exclusive and Limited Bundles Include:
    • Onion Vinyl
    • Onion T-shirt
    • Instant Download Of The Digital Album